Founder, Chairman, Recording Artist, Producer

The story I feel everyone is not talking about more in this business is in front of them everyone know what time it is. A lot of artist in today music can't sing
 CEO of top major labels need to take A history lesson from the past. Attorney's need to stop running the business and just do contracts, most time when you hear music on the radio artist sound the same musician record a track take three bars off the last track recording the next track and the music sound the same. No creativity in the song, when you hear artist's in the 70's 80's everyone had their own style, words and music meant something, It had substance. Videos today is okay, but can't beat real vocalist in front of a mic,
 people did not know before MOTOWN there was a label that was called
 VEE JAY RECORDS it was started by a school teacher and her partner
 who had A ear for talent, many did not know this was black label and was the
 first to sign the Beatles before they signed with Capitol Records.
 The true is just to programme a keyboard only to make
 a song don't get it, keep playing the song on radio over and over
 until it grow in your ear until someone will like it that sucks.

 We need to tell our young people the truth what do it takes
 to be the best, it takes hard work and prayer and not
 using TV shows and Videos to see who have the best talent
 some top group in today music in all formats don't have substance
 like they did in 60's 70's 80's the future is now, Dr. Martin Luther king Jr.
 and Bobby Kennedy gave us the Dream to live it.
 people stop playing games and get real about this,
 it is not always about the money itself but the talent.
 shaking your body and looking good on the video
 is okay, singing and recording great song is the real deal.

 Funny thing there are artist of the 60's 70's 80's who are still
 performing and blowing the house down, too bad you have
 to hear them in the UK LONDON ENGLAND and not
 on main stream radio in the USA.

History of VeeJay

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